The Best And The Brightest Of Polish Design: We Present Our Top 5

This weekend (14-15 September) Polish capital will be hosting a very important event for all the design lovers. Targi Rzeczy Ładnych (Fair of Pretty Things) is the biggest design fair in Warsaw, aiming to promote and popularise good quality design available to the public in general. The event will take place at the Koneser Center, presenting the best of what Polish design has to offer this season. Apart from that, you will have a chance to meet the rising stars of Polish poster and illustration art during the first edition of TRŁ PRINT which is part of the whole event. Down below we introduce the list of 5 Polish Designers / Illustrators and Design Brands that You should be aware of before entering this spectacular event. 

MARTA IGNERSKA – she is an award-winning art illustrator and graphic designer, named the most talented graphic designer of the young generation. Graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She designs and illustrates books for kids and adults. Ignerska cooperates with Polish and international publishing houses (ZNAK, W.A.B, Editions du Rouerque, Orecchio Acerbo). Her works have been exhibited on multiple design-related events, winning prestigious prizes, such as The Book of the Year Prize by IBBY, Project of the Year by STGU and many more. She has been awarded  “Book of the Year” title for her illustrations for the book “Wszystko gra”.


IG: @martaignerska

GRA-FIKA – a family duo of graphic designers formed by Kasia Jasińska & Maciek Jasinski – the daughter and the father. They create unique posters, modern and minimalistic but with a bit of retro charm. Kasia loves Polish post-war modernism in architecture. While Maciek knows all about the letters since he spent several dozen years of his career life working without the computers or printers, when each inscription had to be made manually. They like to play with graphics. The themes of their works, the aesthetics they use and colours, it all refers to the era of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  As they tend to claim, Print is not dead !


IG: @grafika_posters

BLUEBERRYTHINKS by Jagoda Stączek –  Jagoda graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She creates posters, mainly collages, press illustrations, graphics and drawings. She receives publications in Polish magazines, such as: Newsweek Psychologia, KMAG or Zwierciadło. The designer gets inspired by little things, the ones you need to take a careful look at, otherwise they seem to be insignificant. Let it be the offcuts and scraps, even some damaged pieces of paper from the old newspapers or herbal books. She loves to play with the meanings, change contexts, get something out of its natural environment and then watch what would happen. All this describes the reasons for her love to collage art.


IG: @blueberrythinks

ELEMENTUJ – they design and create plant stands, just the way they remember them from their parents’ houses. The items are made from steel since the brand values minimalism. They approach the items they create as they were the forgotten words, aiming to give them a new life and bring them higher and closer to the sun. Apart from the plant stands, the brand creates also “the views” – special frames with pictures of plants inside, all covered with glass. Another flagship product of Elementuj is a unique album which combines black cardboard paper with white, sensitive pieces of parchment paper. It brings out the memories of a photo album from the childhood in which you used to stick pictures of the important family events. All products are being produced in Poland, in  cooperation with local artisans.



GAGANI – handmade objects from reclaimed materials. Gagani – Izabela Gkagkanis graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Conservation and Restoration of Stone Sculpture. She designs fairy-like creatures, from small plush toys for kids to full-scale sculptures that can be located in parks or wooden areas. She uses only recycled materials and gets inspired by the world of animals. Gagani makes sure that her products are always unique thus each item she creates comes with an individual “curriculum vitae”.


IG: @i.gaganis

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