Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Zuzanna Janin, Lying, 1997, Hoffmann Sammlung Berlin/Dresden

Dresden: Zuzanna Janin

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 29, 2020
zuzanna janin exhibition

Prague: Zuzanna Janin

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 16, 2018
review BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, photo Yannick Sas

Art Brussels 2018 And Other Must-see Shows In The City

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 16, 2018
review Angelika Markul, The Unleashed Forces, Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, courtesy of the artist

Collective Memory, Imperfect Human Being And Nature In The Works Of Angelika Markul

Dobrosława Nowak Feb 17, 2018
Brand New Art and Commodity in the 1980s exhibition

Washington DC: Krzysztof Wodliczko

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 18, 2018
Being Modern: MoMA in Paris

Paris: Edward Krasiński

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 05, 2018
Lorraine O’Grady, Art IS… (detail), 1983/2009 (Courtesy Walker Art Center; © Lorraine O’Grady)

Minneapolis: Wilhelm Sasnal

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 27, 2017

Toronto: Balka

Dobromila Dec 21, 2014